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United Kingdom
I believe the morning sun, always going to shine again.


This is pretty much a dead account, i'm on instagram (megatonwalk) for multi fandom stuff and tumblr (megaton-walk) for earthbound stuff nowadays! Sorry, I'm too lazy and it's too much effort uploading here :')
(if you're not a Mother fan (firstly, why?) you might want to skip reading this whole thing because it will be wasted on you. In fact I'm quite happy for most people to ignore it, I just wanted to write down all my excitement because I fear what may happen if I don't)

Yoooo it's a good time to be alive!

Summer days are for walking with Pollyanna playing and having the goofiest and most heartfelt smile on your face. There's been so much amazing Mother love lately and I'm just dumping this ramble here because idk where else to do it. ANYWAY Has there ever been a better time to be a Mother fan?! I don't think so!

I'm still in shock over Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings being released! And the fact that they basically announced it and were like lol it's live now. June 14th was a wonderful day, I played Smash as Lucas all day until that happened, then I cried for a while and then it was replaying Beginnings until Wednesday~ I bought Ryu and Roy and just haven't touched them, because Mother. Seriously, I could write a book on how much I love Mother/Earthbound Zero/Beginnings. I probably will someday.

And since all this, Reggie basically has said that Nintendo hasn't ruled out Mother 3 yet. I'm really hoping Beginnings sells well so they'll get the message! What would they call it? Earthbound Final? Earthbound Endings? Argh! I think Tomato's translation is flawless, so I'm kinda apprehensive about how Nintendo themselves would handle it. Tomato has offered the translation for free (repeatedly) and I think it'd be just dandy if Nintendo accepted. How lovely would that be, fans and company coming together to release the ultimate labour of love? No fans have endured like Mother fans, and I can't word properly how lovely it is for them to be acknowledged.

What else is coming for Mother fans?!
I WANT TO BELIEVE that the Smash ballot might bring more Mother representation! I don't think we'd be so lucky but I've already puts votes in for Ninten (could use alt PSI like 4th-D Slip), Kumatora (physical badass and PK Ground!), Duster (thief toooools! dynamic kicks!), Paula (because Paula is <3) and Porky (villain rep, could use Porky bots, spider mech etc)

ALSO 'cos they brought back some Melee stages for Smash, do you think we could see Fourside return?! Because the music for there is awesome: [link]

I seriously contemplated going to Camp Fangamer but flights alone were like £900 and I'm putting that towards merchandise instead. This year's Too Many Games con had an Earthbound theme... I know I'm being a massive dork over this, I'm just really happy to see this series get some love! Also Fangamer are reprinting their Kraken shirts, there's a Megaton Walk/Dungeon Man one coming out (!!!) and there's a Sharks one D; I love them all but I just hate the customs charges!

MOTHER 4. I don't care how long we have to wait, it looks perfect and I absolutely adore the team behind it. Shine on, beautiful people. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I LOVE MOTHER FANS - Whether it's translating entire games, setting up amazing fan merchandise stores, and then hosting their own convention, lovingly crafting handbooks to go with said translated games, and making your own goddamn sequel, you'll never find a more dedicated and loving bunch. It's like a cult, and I'm happy I've found other people to share with this crippling obsession.

I'm going to leave this with the Mother 1 piano medley (because the only thing more heartbreaking than a piano medley with the greatest final twenty five seconds ever is  a music box cover)

No crying until the end, indeed.

(Also I have like a billion Mother things to upload but i'll try and break it up with other stuff now and then<3)
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